Eco Friendly Water Bottles

Our new range of water bottles use Binchotan, or 'activated' charcoal to filter water, cleverly removing toxins and odours such as chlorine and adding minerals including calcium.

Available in two models - choose from either a highly durable and fully recyclable BPA fee Tritan plastic or a handblown borosilicate glass which comes with a neat fitting neoprene cover to protect it. Both versions are packaged with a stick of charcoal which you place inside the bottle.

One stick will give you approximately six months of clean, pure drinking water straight from the tap. Simply fill the bottle with water and wait for an hour before drinking to allow time for the charcoal to purify. For optimum results, leave it a five hours or even better overnight, to give the charcoal loads of time to do its thing.

 With time, after around three months, you'll notice a decrease in the filter's effectiveness. At this stage, you can recharge it by boiling it in a pan of water for ten minutes. Boiling water washes out the impurities and frees the charcoal up to absorb some more. Once boiled, you'll have another three months of use and then it's time to recycle your charcoal. You can do this by crushing up it in the garden soil.

Charcoal Filter Glass Water Bottle
Charcoal Filter Glass Water Bottle £27.00
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Charcoal Filter Water Bottle
Charcoal Filter Water Bottle £20.00
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