Masscob was born in La Coruna in Spain, back in 2003. The brainchild of Marga Massanet and Jacobo Cobain Masscob is a label of male and female perspectives that bring a sense of simple, well made clothing using beautiful fabrics and colour palettes that is both romantic and feminine. This label focuses on the fact you can wear pieces from their past collections together with what's current, with the idea that Masscob almost transcends seasonal trends. This pragmatic approach brings a certain savoir faire to the fashion industry and is something that we at Flint, feel naturally fits with our own ethos. Rather than looking at Masscob as your quick fashion fix, we like the idea that you will actually fall a bit in love with these clothes and will keep them in your wardrobe for many years to come.

A small selection of the collection is available to buy online here, but new pieces will be added over the next week or so. Alternatively, call in to the shop to see the full story...

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