Maya Nije Fragrances

Discovering Maya Nije was an unexpected pleasure. Our seemingly never ending quest to find the perfect smokey, woody, slightly masculine fragrance came to an abrupt halt when we came across Tobak on a buying trip in London last year. 
Since then, this incredible fragrance has been joined by it's equally beautiful partners Tropica, Les Fleur, Vanilj and Nordic Cedar. Seeing as a new season is the perfect time to signal a change, why not try something a little unusual and perhaps a bit rare..
Founded in 2016, this niche perfume brand with its clear focus on high quality artisanal blends, the scents are deeply rooted in Maya's Swedish and West African heritage. Her formulas are created in house using a variety of essential oils, aroma compounds and resins. With care and precision the blends are mixed in small batches, filtered and bottled individually by hand. 
Maya Njie Les Fleurs Perfume
Maya Njie Les Fleurs Perfume £66.00
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Maya Njie Nordic Cedar Perfume
Maya Njie Nordic Cedar Perfume £66.00
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Maya Njie Vanilj Perfume
Maya Njie Vanilj Perfume £66.00
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