Tom Homewood


Tom Homewood at FLINT
'Oaks and Whales'

Our opening day was Saturday, June 10th and the show will continue throughout the Summer season. 

In Tom's words, the title of the show is in reference to the poems of Rudyard Kipling to whom our Sussex landscape evoked 'whale backed Downs' and to the majestic oak trees that have provided wood for traditional boat building for centuries. This is a show that evokes both land and sea.....

Images of the work in the exhibition is available to view here and available to purchase by clicking the image. For more information, please call us: 01273 474166

If you would like to be kept informed of future exhibitions, or would like to attend our private views in the future, please email Heidi at -

Ashdown Forest at Dusk
Ashdown Forest at Dusk £500.00
+ Quick View
Cliffs In Shadow
Cliffs In Shadow Sold Out - £500.00
+ Quick View
Clouds Over Glyndebourne
Clouds Over Glyndebourne £500.00
+ Quick View
Coastguard Cottages at Dusk
Coastguard Cottages at Dusk Sold Out - £500.00
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Early Light, Sussex
Early Light, Sussex £500.00
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Early Morning at Barcombe Mills
Early Morning at Barcombe Mills Sold Out - £500.00
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Golden Fields Near Glyndebourne
Golden Fields Near Glyndebourne Sold Out - £1,600.00
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Harveys £500.00
+ Quick View

Old Boat at Newhaven
Old Boat at Newhaven £500.00
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Old Boat at Shoreham
Old Boat at Shoreham Sold Out - £500.00
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Old Sea Cottages
Old Sea Cottages Sold Out - £1,600.00
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Old Sussex Boat
Old Sussex Boat £500.00
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Sailing at Dusk, Shoreham
Sailing at Dusk, Shoreham Sold Out - £500.00
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Sheep at Dusk
Sheep at Dusk Sold Out - £500.00
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Splash Point at Night
Splash Point at Night Sold Out - £500.00
+ Quick View
Summer Clouds Near Lewes
Summer Clouds Near Lewes Sold Out - £500.00
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Sussex Sheep
Sussex Sheep Sold Out - £500.00
+ Quick View
Trees at Ashdown Forest
Trees at Ashdown Forest £500.00
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