Lavender & Petitgrain Room Diffuser

With top notes of Bitter Orange and Lavender alongside the clean and curious scent of Petitgrain, known for its availability to help ease feelings of anxiety, this is a wonderful calming, comforting fragrance blend that’s perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms.

Room diffusers are the ideal choice for those who would rather not keep an eye on a burning candle. Simply add as many reed sticks to the bottle, according to how much fragrance you want to release into your room and leave them to soak up the perfume and diffuse. Flick the reeds over every few days as the scent starts to fade over time.


Soy derived base oil infused with perfume
Lasts approximately 2-3 months
Set comprises of 8 natural unbleached rattan reeds
60mm diameter tin with screw top, made of recycled metal 
Packaged in a card box with an uncoated paper label
Made in the UK

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