Gift to Yourself or Another

An edited selection of gift ideas, each one beautifully packaged and ready to send out to anyone whom you might feel in need of a treat right now..

Our delivery charge is £5 and we send all orders out, first class, recorded delivery.
Choose from our selections below or create your own from our collections across our website. We're also offering Gift Voucher Cards in denominations of £10 to £100, if you're unsure of what to choose.
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Three Paper Flowers
Three Paper Flowers £27.00
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Paper Narcissus
Paper Narcissus £8.50
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Paper Flower
Paper Flower £7.50
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Paper Echinachea Flower
Paper Echinachea Flower Sold Out - £8.00
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Pale Yellow Paper Flower
Pale Yellow Paper Flower £7.50
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Pale Pink Paper Rose
Pale Pink Paper Rose £12.50
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Pale Peach Crepe Paper Flower
Pale Peach Crepe Paper Flower £8.50
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Crepe Paper Rose
Crepe Paper Rose £8.50
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Crepe Paper Poppy
Crepe Paper Poppy £8.00
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Crepe Paper Peony
Crepe Paper Peony £15.00
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Crepe Paper Narcissus
Crepe Paper Narcissus £8.50
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Cherry Blossom Sprig
Cherry Blossom Sprig £12.50
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Apricot Pink Paper Flower
Apricot Pink Paper Flower £8.50
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