July 16, 2019


Warrior Botanicals - Now in Store

We're always on the look out for companies that inspire us and love nothing more than bringing our discoveries home with us when we're on our travels. A recent trip to one of our favourite places in the universe, West Cork in Ireland, led us to find this inspiring and talented young woman, Reidin Beattie who makes the most exquisite natural, botanical apothecary in small batches, by hand, in her studio.

Her divine products are delicately scented and are inspired by traditional herbalism and ancient folk medicine. Each product is thoughfully and lovingly blended by hand from the purest herbs, flowers, herb extracts, essences, oils and butters.

Click on the image above to take you through to our collection, or visit our Apothecary Page. Better still, visit us in store to sample the products we've fallen in love with xx

July 08, 2019


Styling A Summer Retreat...

We were lucky enough to be invited back to style another summer retreat held by London based florists, Aesme Flowers. We had been looking forward to it for months as working with Alex and Jess, together with one of our favourite photographers Kristen Perers, is pretty much the dream and we always jump at the chance with working together with them. It's a dream team..

Julia and I have long been fans, and friends, of these super talented sisters. The flowers they use are cultivated in their own cutting garden and the months of nuturing hard work that go into it are evident in their wonderful, seasonal and garden-inspired designs. There's simply no one quite like them..

This months retreat was set in a stunning private garden in Sussex, newly opened up and now available for exclusive events that reflect the garden's uniquely magical atmosphere. There's a website in the pipeline but for the moment you can follow them on Instagram by clicking here. Keep checking in for updates..

It was only fitting that I chose clothes from labels that have that particular air of ease and gentleness but that also have an element of drama to them, reflecting not only the flowers but the particular mood that this special place evokes.

We used two Sussex based designers both dear to our hearts, Sula and Elena Dawson, together with some vintage dresses by London based Still Ethical. An enormous straw hat found on a recent trip to Morocco paired with handwoven straw lace ups, leather brogues from Anthology Paris and a headdress also by Elena Dawson completed several vignettes and were the perfect foil to Aesme's beautiful flowers.

Our model Annie Caffyn is someone I always turn to as she not only completely and utterly embodies the spirit of the shoot, she also makes 'the story' for me. 



The perfect day ended with supper by sunset, served by our hosts, on a long table stretched out in the meadow.. Conversation soon turned to planning the next retreat.. Roll on next time.. x




June 25, 2019


Summer Jewels..

Dramatic, bold and perfect for dressing up occasions, these statement earrings are just the thing to finish off a summer look. Each pair handmade with love and care using hand cut semi precious stones that are both subtle in colour yet stunningly shimmery..

Click on our Accessories page listed on our homepage, to take a look at our latest finds..

May 20, 2019


Beaumont Organic - Just Landed in Store

Summer deliveries are arriving thick and fast and whilst we wait for the weather to catch up, we'd like to introduce you to our latest find. Beaumont Organic make clothes that we're sure you'll love. For days when you just want to wear comfortable, easy pieces, when you're not quite sure what the weather's up to, these coats, shirts and tops are just the thing you'll reach for.

Hannah Beaumont, who's based in Manchester, founded the company and has garnered a loyal following every since. With a passion for sustainability and fair and ethical business practice, Beaumont Organic's beliefs and company ethos is something we share here at FLINT.

Click on the image to lead to you to the online collection..

April 29, 2019


Cocowai - A Spotlight On The Ultimate Feelgood Cashmere

We prefer to know where our clothes are from and where they're made and if they come with a wonderful back story, more the better. Cocowai Cashmere was started up by Frances Macaulay in 1996 and we have been proud stockists for over 10 years...

Having lived and worked in Nepal for many years developing clothes for the fashion industry, and having established some wonderful relationships whilst living there, Frankie decided to set up on her own and was a pioneer in bringing the Pashmina shawl to the western market.

Her passion for fair and ethical trade, her support for traditional craft combined with her passion for the very finest quality cashmere, has led her to be one of the most highly respected cashmere producers.

Cocowai continues to work with the same small family run factory who run a collection of traditional hand looms and dyeing workshop.

Once a garment or scarf has been made, it's time for the dyeing process. Huge vats of dyes are heated up and several pieces are worked on at once, thus keeping down the production costs and minimising the environmental impact.

The cashmere is harvested by hand mainly from the Himalayan Mountain Goat and a little from the Great Mongolian Desert, from goats who roam freely in the mountains during the daytime and rounded up by the herdsman each night. They are kept inside on the ground floor of houses whilst the family sleep upstairs, in the same tradition that goes back hundreds of years.

You will always find Cocowai's shawls, scarves and pieces of knitwear on our rails at the shop and this season is no exception. In a range of textures and weights, our scarves make perfect wraps over spring/summer tops and dresses and we currently have a gorgeous selection of colours ranging from all the neturals, to stronger, darker shades of terracotta and sea greens.

With the tide turning on the fast fashion movement, we're seeing a growing audience who appreciate the hand made, sustainable aspect to the companies we choose to work with and there's nothing better knowing the piece your buying, the item you're investing in, has been sourced carefully and made with love, care and good ethics at heart xx



April 26, 2019


Novesta Sneakers

Novesta's Star Masters have just landed in store.. Choose from White, Beige, Black or Denim but be quick, they're selling fast. Click here to shop or call in to try a pair..

Super comfortable and super cool, Novesta sneakers have been made in the small town of Partizanske in Slovakia, since 1939, when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory there...

Novesta are extremely proud of the tradition and heritage that goes into the making of their shoes. Made by hand using certified materials and utilising a natural rubber sole which is finished by precise manual work by skilled craftsmen. This ethical and ecological process results in tyre marks around the border of the outsole which has become Novesta's trademark.

The Star Master, Novesta's signature shoe, originates from military sports shoes which were produced for half a century in Slovakia and combine comfort with rugged determination.

Agolde Jeans in 'Riley' - Just Landed

Retro in style, flattering and comfortable to wear, the Riley from LA brand Agolde has a high waist, a straight leg, slightly cropped, a clean mid blue wash, in a soft but structured denim. Our new favourites and perfect for Spring... In store NOW

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