April 22, 2021


Handmade Paper Flowers

These exquisitely crafted flowers are made for us here in Sussex, using hand cut crepe paper, curled, furled, folded and painted lovingly by hand. 

We like to use them in our gift wrapping as an extra special decorative touch, or grouped together beside the bed in a small vase. Give one to a friend as an everlasting keepsake.. these are charming little tokens of joy.

March 30, 2021


Easter Treats

We've curated a little selection of small treats this Easter, with spring in mind..

Click the images to learn more.. However you choose to celebrate, we hope you all have a wonderful weekend xx

March 23, 2021


A Spring Refresh

With warmer weather on the horizon, our wardrobe plans turn to lighter layers. Whilst we're not quite ready for breezy linen, these midweight linen tunics feel just right for now. Roomy enough for layers underneath and a great look paired with jeans, these shirts are so easy to throw on and go about your day. Made in Lithuania from a finely striped fabric in either a grey blue, or a deeper mid blue, these make a versatile addition to your wardrobe, whether worn as a tunic shirt now or as a dress come summer.

March 02, 2021


Mother's Day Gift Giving

Whether she's a mum, a mum-in-law, grandmother or great grandmother, godmother or a mum-to-be, she deserves an extra big thank you. Celebrate the day with a thoughtfully chosen gift from our collection of lovely treats, from perfumes, to jewels, to candles..

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January 29, 2021


Gifts for your Valentine

Perhaps this year more than ever, February 14th is the day to let your loved ones know how much they mean to you. This year we're extending the sentiment to family and friends...and ourselves.. I mean, why not after the year we've had? Our selection of treats range from small gestures to big statements which we'll gift wrap and parcel off to you with a message chosen by you.  And for those of us who won't be sharing the evening with a loved one? Well, I'm not suggesting you send yourself a card, but in the spirit of self love, why not send yourself a treat whether it's a bottle of bubble bath, a pair of gorgeous earrings or a fabulous cashmere scarf? 

Click the image below to view our collection

Click the link below to listen to our LOVE playlist via Spotify..

January 21, 2021


A Soundtrack of Gentle Music

Tap the image above to listen to this weeks playlist of gentle tunes to ease you into your day, on these cold and frosty starts. Don't forget, Spring is around the corner!

January 05, 2021


Happy New Year!

As the first week of 2021 gets underway and despite the gloom, we are feeling optomistic about the new year as it stretches before us. Let's all hope for a brighter future. We wish you and your loved ones have the very best of years. Stay safe and well wherever you are xxx