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My latest travels took me to Oman in the Middle East. This area has always held a deep fascination for me but this was my first visit to Oman and I was keen to explore and learn its history firsthand. We discovered a country full of contrasts - silent, deep Wadis whose streams have carved dramatic deep sided valleys over centuries, the rugged coastline of the Arabian Sea and its white sandy beaches that are home to nesting turtles and of course the saffron coloured dunes of the desert that stretch for miles and miles.
And as mind-blowing as the landscape is, I was completely bowled over by the hospitality of the local people. The Omani's are very gracious and proud but above all, they are welcoming and friendly and although we felt a million miles away, we were made to feel right at home. As ever, I was on a mission to find treasure. Muttrah Souk in the heart of Muscat is where it's at. Frankincence burned at every turn and the scent hung in the air, infusing everything with perfume.
I met a lovely man from Kashmir whose family business has been weaving and embroidering shawls for many generations. His family photo album was a treat and I poured over the incredible snaps of his grandfather working away on the loom. These cashmere shawls are of exquisite quality and so some hard bargaining was in order but I'm happy with my hoard and now I'm offering them to you. A unique piece of craftwork, from a centuries old tradition, to wear your own way. A selection of shawls in many different colours are now in store, a few of which are available online. Click here to see our selection

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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Terrie Kasianczuk
Terrie Kasianczuk

April 03, 2014

Absolutely LOVE the shawls! I have to have one…okay maybe 2! The desert pic is incredible! Oman is now on my list of places I must travel to!

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