A First Look at Christmas..

It may only be October but thoughts are already turning to the most exciting season on the calendar. We've noticed customers already buying gifts with Christmas in mind and the first deliveries of decorations have started to arrive. Julia and I have always loved a neutral colour palette at Christmas, accented perhaps with flashes of stronger colour and this season is no exception. Colours such as bronze, silver, grey, white and black are inspiring us at the moment, with glitter and sparkle bringing light and fire. Decorations like these, strung against the deep forest green of spruce and pine make a beautiful contrast...

All the decorations you see here will be available to buy on our webshop and in our store over the coming days so keep checking in for updates..


One of the most popular and well loved decoration we sell are the zinc metal houses from Denmark. We have three sizes for sale this season and they're already lining our window sills. They look incredibly sweet when lit up with a tealite and they remind us of the rooftops in our Lewes streets..

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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