A New Season, A New Perfume

There's something about a change of season that makes me want to wipe the slate clean and start over. When it comes to clothes, there's nothing like the dusky days of Autumn approaching to make me want to invest in key pieces that'll take me through the upcoming winter and to perhaps experiment a little with new trends and looks. The same mind set applies to the perfume I want to wear. We all appreciate how evocative a scent is and how it can take you right back to a time and place, which is why a change in the season is the perfect time to experiment with a new perfume.

At the shop, we've been loving several of the new releases from the brands we carry, whether it's by DS & Durga, Escentric Molecules, Cult of Treehouse..I could go on...but each of us at the shop has a favourite.

One fragrance however, always stands out for me despite all the new releases, and that's Amber by Laboratory Perfume. Its soft, incense based muskiness will be perfect paired with the winter layers I'm looking forward to wearing. It feels quite a straighforward amber, unlike other perfumes that contain this note so if you're a lover of incense rich fragrances, come in and give this one a go. We shall also be getting some of their Amber candles in next week so you can bet we'll be burning these over the coming weeks..

I'm also particularly drawn to the entire range by Abel, still very new to the UK, the supercool perfumers from Amsterdam have managed to create a line of natural perfumes and by that I don't mean essential oil based perfumes. These are as complex and as layered as any beautifully crafted perfume but come minus the nasty chemicals which for me, is a win-win. It's been a bit of a long process but I think I've finally settled on White Vetiver, a slightly masculine, herby fragrance with amazing depth and warmth that will see me right through winter and knits and big coats I'm looking forward to. 

Next time you're passing, why not pop in, say hello and treat your olfactory senses to something new? Or click here to view our perfumes online..

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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