Heartfelt Thanks and Best Wishes

I'm writing this on a very cold and blustery evening, sheets of rain battering the window beside me and wind howling around our old house. I've just read yet another lovely email from one of our customers. She writes about how happy her friend was to receive a gift parcel from our shop, beautiful treats that she chose with love and care, which we wrapped for her in tissue and ribbon. It always heartens me when people feel the need to write lovely notes of thanks and it reminds me of how incredibly lucky Julia and I are to have such loyal customers, who still choose to shop with us after we closed our bricks and mortar store in Lewes a couple of years ago. Thank you to everyone who placed an order with us this year, each and every one of those orders gladdens our hearts. We wish you a very happy new year xxxx

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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