We have been working on several exciting commissions lately, including some larger pressings of flowers and plants that grow in and around Sussex. Our signature handmade paper which is coloured with a sepia ink wash, is now being made in larger sheets to accomodate much larger specimens. 

We love how these simple, often overlooked flowers, are somehow elevated when preserved carefully and framed in this way. This example shown here is of the humble forget-me-not and this wonderful frame with its shabby white paint, seems to complement the beauty of this lovely flower.

Each of these frames is totally unique, made using upcycled scraps of wood. We sold almost all of them during a recent pop up event but we have one or two left. Please click the images to learn more..

Our workshop has been taken over by these new herbarium collections as we've had many enquiries recently. They are a joy to work on but take a while as each plant has to be harvested and dried and then mounted carefully onto our paper..

We are selling these individual sheets for £15.00 each, for you to frame or leave as you like. Either way, they make charming images and beautiful records of the flowers and plants we are lucky enough to have growing in our Sussex area.

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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