Join the Revolution! These new Eco Friendly water bottles are changing the way we purify the water we drink...

I was recently told by my doctor that for health reasons, I needed to seriously up my intake on water. I'd previously relied on a water filter at home but I really hated the aftertaste and the whole clunky aspect of the design. The filters themselves are made of a horrible plastic and did nothing to encourage me to use it. I felt I also needed something I could carry with me, something I could take to work, but the metal cannister type of water bottles I had previously used, made the water too cold for me to drink beyond sips. My quest for the perfect portable bottle began and now that I've found it it seemed only logical to share it with our customers...

Our water bottles are beautifully designed and are available in either a recyclable BPA free Tritan plastic which is both extremely hardwearing, lightweight and phthalate free, or a handblown borosilicate glass version that comes complete with its own neophrene sleeve to protect it.

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Since I discovered them I can honestly say I feel a huge difference to my overall wellbeing. The water tastes incredibly pure and has a sort of 'softness' to it which means for the first time, I actually enjoy drinking it, plus, knowing that I'm getting the added benefits from the charcoal, means I'm actually encouraged to drink.

Each bottle contains a stick of Binchotan or 'activated' charcoal, which the Japanese have been using for centuries to filter and infuse water. Not to be confused with the type you use on a barbeque, activated charcoal has a wide range of reported benefits. It is also one of the most effective ways of removing water impurities such as chlorine, commonly found in tap water and is tasteless and odourless and non toxic.

Activated charcoal consists of a substance, usually wood, coal, coconut shell or bamboo, which has been burned without oxygen to create char. This is then heated to a high temperature and exposed to certain gases. The multi-step process makes it extremely porous and able to bind to any substance, a bit like a magnet that absorbs any toxic molecules in comes into contact with. Adsorption, not to be confused with absorption, is when molecules are drawn to the surface of the adsorbent rather than being absorbed into it.

To get the benefits, simply place the stick of charcoal in the bottle and fill up from the tap. After leaving it for one hour, the water is good to drink. The longer you leave it the more time the charcoal has to infuse so I always refill just before bed.. that way, I have a fresh bottle good to go in the morning.

 After three months the charcoal needs to be reactivated and you can do this simply by boiling in a pan of water for ten minutes. This process actually cleans the charcoal and sets it up for another three months of good use. After six months it's time to replace the stick and refill sticks are also available in our store.

Charcoal sticks are fully recyclable, in fact you can simply crush them up into the soil in the garden after they're past their best which for me, only adds to the overall efficiency and brilliant design aspect.

I hope I can inspire you to discover for yourself, the difference you'll feel.


Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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