Novesta Sneakers

Novesta's Star Masters have just landed in store.. Choose from White, Beige, Black or Denim but be quick, they're selling fast. Click here to shop or call in to try a pair..

Super comfortable and super cool, Novesta sneakers have been made in the small town of Partizanske in Slovakia, since 1939, when the famous shoemaker Jan Antonin Bata opened a new factory there...

Novesta are extremely proud of the tradition and heritage that goes into the making of their shoes. Made by hand using certified materials and utilising a natural rubber sole which is finished by precise manual work by skilled craftsmen. This ethical and ecological process results in tyre marks around the border of the outsole which has become Novesta's trademark.

The Star Master, Novesta's signature shoe, originates from military sports shoes which were produced for half a century in Slovakia and combine comfort with rugged determination.

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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