Styling A Summer Retreat...

We were lucky enough to be invited back to style another summer retreat held by London based florists, Aesme Flowers. We had been looking forward to it for months as working with Alex and Jess, together with one of our favourite photographers Kristen Perers, is pretty much the dream and we always jump at the chance with working together with them. It's a dream team..

Julia and I have long been fans, and friends, of these super talented sisters. The flowers they use are cultivated in their own cutting garden and the months of nuturing hard work that go into it are evident in their wonderful, seasonal and garden-inspired designs. There's simply no one quite like them..

This months retreat was set in a stunning private garden in Sussex, newly opened up and now available for exclusive events that reflect the garden's uniquely magical atmosphere. There's a website in the pipeline but for the moment you can follow them on Instagram by clicking here. Keep checking in for updates..

It was only fitting that I chose clothes from labels that have that particular air of ease and gentleness but that also have an element of drama to them, reflecting not only the flowers but the particular mood that this special place evokes.

We used two Sussex based designers both dear to our hearts, Sula and Elena Dawson, together with some vintage dresses by London based Still Ethical. An enormous straw hat found on a recent trip to Morocco paired with handwoven straw lace ups, leather brogues from Anthology Paris and a headdress also by Elena Dawson completed several vignettes and were the perfect foil to Aesme's beautiful flowers.

Our model Annie Caffyn is someone I always turn to as she not only completely and utterly embodies the spirit of the shoot, she also makes 'the story' for me. 



The perfect day ended with supper by sunset, served by our hosts, on a long table stretched out in the meadow.. Conversation soon turned to planning the next retreat.. Roll on next time.. x




Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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Ginette Chalmers
Ginette Chalmers

August 23, 2019

How utterly idyllic. Such a magical combination of beautiful flowers, romantic dresses and Titania
like model. You and Julia really can create the stuff of dreams.

Lots of love, Ginette

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