The Meaning of Flowers... by Our In-House Florist, Kate Walden

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet... Shakespeare knew that the scent of a rose was a classic example of ubiquitous delight and synonymous with easing our minds and something you can rely on to smell the same again and again.  
What I like about flowers is that they are universally recognised as a token of goodwill. For centuries they have decorated and perfumed homes, celebrated weddings, and have been used to lift the mood of those who suffer, and they still do. Bringing flowers to a friend does much more than the sum of its petals. Flowers are the scented representation of your presence and support, can reverberate with love.                                                                  
In England, posies consisted of stems you could easily glean from a garden: peonies, lavender, rosemary, primroses; to a large extent, our preferences haven't changed much from Regency and Victorian tastes. Certain staples, like a rose, are still considered a classic emblem of romance, and elegance. Our forbearers have been known to use botanicals to convey secret meanings. Even royals have traditionally had orange blossoms woven amid their bridal posies as a symbol of fertility.

One thing that may have changed is our attitude to the tamed and refined posy or arrangement. Previously, florals were used to display opulence for the wealthy, who could afford lavish displays to impress and bemuse their guests. At Flint, the aesthetic is inspired by walks through country gardens and meadows; a tempest of over-flowing wild flowers, in combination with subtle classics. Something wild, such as a sprig of blackberry, is placed next to delicate roses of vintage and white washed hues, never forgetting generous sprigs of greenery to create the feel of the abundant outdoors, conveniently assembled into something for your coffee table.

They bring the past freshly to the fore of your senses. For me, a single pink carnation conjures up memories of backstage ballet performances. They remind me of my parents, of dressing rooms, hair pulled high into a bun, leotards, and most of all, the feeling of accomplishment. Considered by some to be a rather ordinary flower, I have grown up to appreciate them for their longevity, and the thrill of sourcing unique colours, and because it makes me feel loved.

We'd love for you to share your favourites, maybe they will appear in the shop! As always, we are always excited to incorporate your ideas into our handcrafted and unique arrangements.

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Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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July 12, 2016

What a beautifully worded description of flowers and their significance in our lives. I know from experience how talented Kate is at flower arranging and making up posies.

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