Wanderlust Necklaces


Wanderlust necklaces have been part of our story for a few years now. Their simplicity and elegance appeals to us and we love how each stone has it's own unique and powerful property. Handmade here in the UK, in Devon, by Georgie Roberts and her team who all feature in the video below..

We've chosen some of our favourite crystals for our online collection. Click on the images below to make your selection.

Quartz Crystal Necklace
Quartz Crystal Necklace Sold Out - £30.00
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Champagne Quartz Necklace
Champagne Quartz Necklace £30.00
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Mohave Turquoise Necklace
Mohave Turquoise Necklace £30.00
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Moonstone Necklace
Moonstone Necklace £30.00
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Citrine Crystal Necklace
Citrine Crystal Necklace £30.00
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Chalcedony Crystal Necklace
Chalcedony Crystal Necklace £30.00
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Obsidian Crystal Necklace
Obsidian Crystal Necklace Sold Out - £30.00
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