Treasure from Paris...

There are many reasons why I've decided Autumn has to be my favourite season but rather than bore you with a list as long as my arm, I've got to say that one reason near the top of the list has to be because it signals the start of our buying agenda for Christmas. At this time, each year, Julia and I head to Paris to scour the flea markets, brocantes and trade shows in the search of unusual treasures for our shop, in time for our busiest season. Its also a fantastic opportunity to meet up with our long-standing suppliers - to share a drink and a chat over current trends, swapping ideas over business and the time to reassess and re-visit old haunts is always inspiring for us. This year was no exception, but only in the fact it was exceptionally good. This Autumn starts at the shop with a change in colour palette. As the pale, clear, watery colours of summer clothes give way to a richer palette and warmer textures, we're bringing out the boots, brogues, knits and coats and changing over our homeware collection to reflect that. Expect some twinkly lights, copper lanterns and lamps from Belgium and France, cushions and throws in bonfire colours, new candles and scent and some incredibly beautiful antique pots and bowls from Asia. As the new season gets underway with our clothing collections arriving weekly, and whilst we gradually turn over the shop to cosiness and candlelight we're embracing this Indian summer we seem to be having and aiming to stay in this glorious moment...
Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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