Birch & Brook Candles

Our favourite candle company, Birch & Brook, have added two new fragrances to their current collection of three, and I'm proud to say all are available on our website as from today. I'm burning 'Festival' as I write this, and loving it - and it's taking me back to summer days and muddy days, a mixture of sweet and sour. It's the most perfect laid back yet energising scent, and I'm wondering how on earth these clever guys manage to capture a mood so brilliantly.. Their second, 'Dressing Room' has all that vintage powdery-ness of a 1930's boudoir. I can picture a Chinese shawl over a carved screen, a dressing table laden with perfumes and creams, it's feminine and pretty but sophisticated. 'Secret Garden' is another lovely one, full of flowers and green grass and summer and you can't really help but smile when you catch its' scent. For something a bit more earthy, I'd choose 'Fireside', which fills a room with the deliciously warm scent of woodsmoke - perfect for the coming season, however, the one that we love to burn the most at FLINT is 'Library', which for me is full of nostaglia - the smell of old books, a fireplace, a leather chair in a secret corner...breathe...
Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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