Spring Season at FLINT

Finally, the evenings are lighter, the air feels softer, Spring is on its' way. I find this time of year is all about hitting refresh. Whether it's flushing out the wardrobe, trying a new look, getting a radical haircut or simply changing the furniture around, we're all doing it. Packing away the knitwear and coats feels like a positive step and a sign of the summer to come, but we're still in that in-between phase, we're not quite ready yet. This is the time however, to visit the store. Our new Spring collections are arriving week by week and there's no better time to catch the best bits before they fly. Savvy customers get in quick!

Two new labels to watch are Sideline, a collection of exquisitely detailed, understated and versatile pieces in varying shades of indigo, and Barena, whose Spring collection features slouchy yet impeccable linen tailoring, for laid back days..

As always, our online selection is only a fraction of what's on the rails in store, but we pick our favourites for you to browse through at home. Keep checking the Clothing page for updates... 

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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