A New Year, A Clean Slate

With Twelfth Night nearly upon us, our focus turns to the new year and the fresh, clean slate it affords us. Speaking to friends, I'm struck by the varied ways we have all been affected, Christmas this year has meant different things to all of us. What is clear though, is how eager we all seem to be to move on, to embrace the chance to start again, begin new projects, to wipe away the pain of the last poignant few months. I for one, cannot wait to start working in the garden again and have spent the day plotting and planning this year's crops and flower beds. A glorious crisp, cold but sunny day gave me a chance to get out there and examine all the new shoots thrusting their green tips through the mossy patches of lawn under the oak tree. Seeing them made my heart leap. I hope, where ever you may be, that you are safe and well and looking forward to the changes the season brings and we wish you a Happy New Year x

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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