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On a day like today, when the sun's out and the garden's full of birdsong, the promise of warmer weather to come feels more of a reality. My thoughts are turning to the happy days with family and friends at the spring and summer events we've got planned. 

This season we thought we'd bring more of a 'special events' feel to our collections and whilst you'll still be able to pair most of these pieces with jeans and a simple shirt, they'll also step up perfectly, should the occasion call for it.

Mes Demoiselles is the perfect go-to for party and wedding dressing. This coat is an incredibly beautiful piece that can be thrown on over virtually anything to look instantly dressed up without having tried to hard.

Sharpen the look of this sheer top by pairing it with a jacket. The print is in a very beautiful pale grey. It comes with a matching camisole.

And whilst print's not usually our thing, we couldn't resist this beautiful light and floaty silk shirt. The cut is oversized and the full sleeves taper to a gathered cuff which balance the volume.

There are drawstring pants in match in shades of spice and we've scarves and accessories that will work with everything. These are easy clothes to feel comfortable and happy in. We hope you can pay us a visit soon x

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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Ginette chalmers
Ginette chalmers

July 12, 2018

Heidi Francis and her amazing Aladdin’s cave (shop doesn’t begin to do it justice) delivers on so many levels I truly wish I lived closer than 150 miles away, just to be able to enjoy the experience on a much more regular basis than I do. Never visit Lewes or even Sussex without paying a visit to the beautiful Flint.

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