Preserved Flower Wreaths

Julia has been busy in the studio making a new collection of wild willow wreath using preserved flowers we've been drying over the summer. Using long strips of willow as her base, she carefully wires her chosen flowers onto the hoop, always using the natural shape, direction and form of the stems as her guide.

The finished piece is always different from the next due to the nature of the material, but she is always drawn to a particular combination of sandy poppy heads, dark seeded cow parsley, silvery thistles and my favourite, everlasting flowers.

This particular wreath is one of our most requested designs. Made on a copper wire base, it is densely covered with wheat and dried grasses.

 All these designs can be found on our website now, by clicking the image or by looking at our FLINT Makes page..

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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