Time for a New Fragrance..?

As our shop draws yet more customers interested in ethical clothing and cruelty free beauty our quest to find an organic perfume became a priority for us. Many natural, essential oil based perfumes tend to last only fleetingly on the skin but Love Organic Fragrance is different.

Available in two sizes - 30ml glass bottles are £30.00 and presented in smart white card boxes. The 7.5ml bottles are £10.00 and are a great way to sample the fragrance. The smaller size is also great for travelling or carrying with you as you go about your day.

Formulated here in the UK, the four different scents are complex, unusual and very beautiful.

Rose Absolute is a dusky rose with real depth and is the perfect choice for those of you who love soft, romantic fragrances that have a darker base note.

Crushed Black Pepper and Sweet Orange is very unusual.. a bright yet warm fragrance, a gentle citrus that's balanced with a spicy, stronger finish.

Oud and Vetiver is for those who prefer a stronger perfume. Oud is a type of arabic wood, and is blended here with vetiver to balance it's resinous, almost insence like fragrance. The vetiver brings a sharpness to this perfume so it's at once dark yet light.

Patchouli and Orange Blossom is for all those lovers of patchouli as it's definitely detectable here but this is brought up to date by the addition of orange blossom. This is a soft, warm and almost comforting fragrance that blends an almost pretty floral with the smokiness of patchouli.

Come and visit us in store to sample the range, call us for more details, or click on the images to take you through to our webstore where you can purchase online. Delivery is £5.00 within the UK is takes just a few days to ship to you wherever you are..

Heidi Francis
Heidi Francis


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